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Jessica. In college for Audio Production.

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Yuji MoriguchiSummer sky


Yuji Moriguchi
Summer sky

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Little pieces.


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We went to six flags and thunder mountain got me soaked.


That’s not what I expected

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I look like a piece of shit so heres some pics of my animals instead.

Sup from the hotel bathroom eyyyyy

Sup from the hotel bathroom eyyyyy

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calling a man a “pig” is literally dehumanising how do some people not think there’s anything wrong with that how

Because chicks, fillies, birds and bitches never get dehumanised. Those vixens always get away with this kind of shit. Especially the heifers, they’re the worst. What cows.

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The draw your cats in dresses meme started by Frank and Becky!

This is honestly how I picture Juju and Bear in my head 80% of the time.

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strawberry car, 2013

strawberry car, 2013

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